Save the Kimberely

Do you know what is happening to the Kimberely? is an independent awareness organisation and exist to engage and educate the Australian and international community about the threat to the Kimberley Coast and its inland wilderness areas posed by gas and large-scale industrial development proposals.


The Kimberley is a vast and very sparsely populated region of Australia. The landscape of the region is as immense as it is beautiful. Despite its vast natural wonders, there is much of the Kimberley flora and fauna which remains unexplored and little understood.

The Kimberley is home to thousands of plant and animal species, many of them highly restricted or specialised, whilst some are threatened, vulnerable or endangered. Put simply, there remains so much to learn about the region that nobody can claim that bringing heavy industry into the region will not be forming a threatening process

The importance of culture

Today, more than 30 Aboriginal tribes remain in the Kimberley region, each with its own language and many with unique cultural practices. Nobody owns culture. It is loaned to each generation to preserve and pass on to the next generation. Our culture and traditions tie us to this country and we are obliged by our ancestors to see that it continues. We are obliged by respect of country and the hope for a proper life for our children that we honour the culture and traditions of our people.


The Bradshaw Paintings, or gwion gwion, are thought to date back to at least 17,000 years bp. These elegant images have been interpreted as indicating that a vibrant culture had already been long in place¹. There are also indications of Aboriginal habitation of the Dampier Peninsula region dating back 28,000 years² and 40,000 years or more elsewhere in the Kimberley.


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