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A Rainbow Nation Freedom Fighter

Life as a Zulu Storyteller by Nobuntu-Sizolibusa

All I can remember as a child was the idea of being a doctor one week, Brenda Fassie or Madonna the next and then again a police officer. This ever changing direction in life was of course unsettling for my beloved parents and this was not because of the inconsistency in my choices regarding my future, but rather, because they realised my favourite programme or song at the time always dictated my motivation and seemed to be the only constant factor in my desired occupation. They were your typical practical Doctor and Business Women parents and the Arts Industry was just too much of a risk for them to feel at ease with. Bedtime stories and sewing sessions with my grandmother, television, music and later film created inspirational characters for me and allowed me to feel at ease with my quirky and off-centre nature, so for me the risk was freeing.

Our Storyteller Nobuntu - Photography by: David Branson Creative Direction: Nobuntu-Sizolibusa/David Branson Location: Jozi, South Africa

I love the idea of creating a believable and inspiring story and character that allows one to explore the various elements of oneself; particularly the elements one fears to possess. Besides being fun, hard and completely uncompromising as a companion, the only thing I have not experienced since realising my destiny as a Storyteller is boredom. I work hard and I am constantly under construction as a being, my cultural rooting in South Africa, uBuntu and my Zulu heritage are the foundation for my happiness, inspiration and creativity. I suppose coming from a family lineage of Freedom Fighters set the path for me long before I took my first step.

So if Freedom is the work, working in a position that would allow for me to realise my aspirations of being a Creative Director would give me the leading edge as a Rainbow Nation Freedom Fighter.

I hope my vision to create revolutionary and inspiring stories that will empower the light of the world and spread a message of uthando (love), inkululeko (peace) nobuntu ( and the spirit of humanity/humility) around the multiverse existence that is our livelihood, comes to fruition. I am well trained in the ethics of hard work and also find myself happiest when I am working as a Storyteller. I feel that I am someone who is dependable and great to work with because I love what I do, I have integrity and I have fun with what I do. South Africa is where our species began, our stories carry the voices of our First Mother, I walk with these Spirits.

We all walk with spirits of the light and the dark, it is our choice as a people to work for either side. I will honour my lineage.

Ngiyabonga (thank you),

Spread Uthando Inkululeko Nobuntu ♥ Our Light is Limitless ♥ Volate Ad Astra ♥

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