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Africa 2 Australia

Africa to Australia is an SBS interactive documentary that tells the stories of African migrants to Australia; it uses video,photography and text to share views about immigration, racism, family and the struggle to belong in a new place.

Visit the website for an amazing experience:- http://www.sbs.com.au/africatoaustralia

Africa Needs you – Please donate!

As we celebrate Mandela Day and enjoy a week of the ties Australia and Africa share and the contribution African’s have made to Australia we cannot ignore the suffering taking place in East Africa right now. It is easy to look away, to hope someone else will help or simply to believe this is what happens in Africa and there nothing you can do. But you can do something, the United Nations and many of the world’s leading charities and aid programs are on the ground right now. The Australian Government has made multiple donations and emergency relief is coming in, but we need to give.

Children need your help right now in the Horn of Africa

More than 12 million people in East Africa are facing desperate food shortages following the worst drought in 60 years. Rains have failed for successive seasons, and families across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are struggling to find anything to eat or drink. Hundreds of thousands of livestock have already died and food prices have rocketed.

We ask you to please consider making a donation to the two charities below.

Doctors without borders 



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