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Show me the Money! – Kev, please give $67m to Africa.

We have celebrated a week of looking at Africa, our shared journey’s, stories from here and there and also highlighted the ways Australia has helped change Africa for the better. Now is the time to do that once more!

We have called for in honour of Mandela Day, in honour of his 67 years service, in honour of his call for 67 minutes of service to community, we call on our government to honour that commitment with a pledge of $67million for famine relief.

$67million for Mandela, $67million for Africa!

Kevin Rudd as our Foreign Minister can be commended for highlighting the issue of the famine in the Horn of Africa. He has pledged an amount of money and he has taken a great interest. But suffering doesn’t end simply by paying attention or talking about it. You cannot feed a hungry mouth with an idea or a press release. The aid agencies on the ground need funding right now to buy the food, water and medical supplies that can save lives. Right now a child will die, we can only hope they didn’t die for nothing. The way we will judge that is how we act in preventing the death of the children scheduled to die tomorrow.

This is today, will you left it be tomorrow?

Make no mistake, right now the destiny of many children in the horn of Africa is a miserable death. Will you ask your foreign minister to do something about it? Or will you read this and go back to your TV? Take the 67minutes, take 67seconds and ask Kevin Rudd to do the right thing on behalf of all Australian’s. On behalf of you!

Spread the word, post a link on your Facebook, Twitter, email it to your friends and get everyone to contact Kevin Rudd. This is not a political issue, this is an issue of life and death and we can do something about it!

UPDATE – We have spoken to a number of organisations on the ground, they are reporting aid is being widely distributed but need more financial assistance to be able to continue and up scale their efforts. We have added a link to unicef on your right that allows you to ensure your donation goes straight to the famine appeal.

Kevin Rudd Contact Details:-

Tel: (02) 6277 7500
Email: Kevin.Rudd.MP@aph.gov.au


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