Hope for Anita

The Empowerment of women through education and the emancipation of women from imposed poverty and servitude is the greatest thing we can do to uplift the world!

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Anita is a 20 year old passionate young woman from the outer suburbs of Cali, Colombia (One of the poorest places in South America). Her smile lights up the room but it hides her daily struggles that the rest of us could never imagine. All she wants in life is a chance, just one chance, some hope!


Anita was born with Spina Bifida, a Latin term for ‘split spine’, It is one of a class of serious birth defects called neural tube defects (NTD). At 3 days of age Anita had her first of many operations. She has never walked, she was born with one Kidney, suffers serious Scoliosis and has both Bowel and Urinary incontinence. She relies on a broken wheelchair that is too small and was donated to her more than ten years ago.


Anita was born and lives in a very small home in the outer suburbs of Cali, Colombia. She is a long way from any medical care and Colombia provides no Government care for those with a disability. To visit the doctor requires her Mother to take a whole day off work and find someone willing to drive them to the city where Anita can access basic medical services. These difficulties have resulted in many medical complications, infections and trauma for Anita and her Family. Click here to see a report into the daily struggles of the disabled in Colombia


Because with your support Anita wants to grab life with both hands, gain an education, be able to attend Universidad del Valle Cali (Whom we are negotiating with right now) and free herself from the cycle of poverty and those abandoned because of their disability. When Anita’s Mum passes she will be left on her own, with no Government support, no medical care and nowhere to turn. But Anita will go through the pain each day to take the long drive to University, she will study her heart out and she never gives up. She desperately wants to break the cycle of impoverishment and servitude that grips the life of Colombia’s disabled by gaining an education and independence. All we need from you is a little money to change this one precious life forever!

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