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The Worth of a Life – $4$

Do you really need a new IPhone more than they need a meal?

The Australian Government’s Dollar for Dollar initiative will match each dollar you donate to appeals run by AusAID-accredited non-government organisations (NGOs) working to alleviate the food crisis in the Horn of Africa from 5 October until 30 November 2011. This means for example, if you donate $50 to one of these NGOs, the Australian Government will match it with $50.


Fashion & Music come together for the East Horn of Africa Famine Crisis. 
Featuring friends of SAEA Banyana!

Come and party with Sydney’s exclusive designers and finest performers and DJs. Featuring VIP fashions shows by ALEX PERRY and Ms Couture.

Musical entertainment will include artist performances, dancers, House DJs and Old School DJs.

Ticket Packages:

The Paris VIP Tickets include two exclusive fashion shows, by Australia’s Premier Designer Alex Perry and Lingerie Show by Ms Couture, as well as Celebrity Guest Appearances and Entertainment and Champagne Packages.

New York Room tickets will give you access to the finest acts and talents in RnB, with a line up of massive performers including Sydney’s own Mike Champion, much more.

This event is going to be HUGE – and it’s all for Charity!!

Bombs or Food, Think about it!

With the famine in the Horn of Africa raging, poverty crippling millions around the world and children dying simply because of a lack of water we MUST examine our commitment to war.

We spend more on weapons than water!

In the time we have waged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq millions of children around the world have died from a lack of clean drinking water, food and basic medical supplies. What we have spent on war could easily have eradicated the problem in our own corner of the world and with the money spent by our allies the issue could have been addressed world wide. What would have been the better thing to do, remove Saddam and flatten a country or feed the world? You decide! Because it is your vote that makes these things happen, do it responsibly.

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