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Stop the Commercial Netting of Bournda Lagoon – Petition

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The NSW Department of Primary Industries and Minister Katrina Hodgkinson have released a proposal that would see commercial netting take place in Bournda Lagoon and Sandy Beach Creek, located inside the Bournda National Park


Currently there is a ban on all types of commercial fishing in both the creek and the lagoon, the proposal would allow for the mesh netting of the system targeting all species of fish using 300m wide nets. Bournda Lagoon and Sandy Beach Creek are located in a National Park, they are vital habitats to many species of Flora and Fauna including more than a dozen threatened species, the park is an important element of the local tourism industry and is the home to a number of sacred Aboriginal sites. For these reasons and the more detailed below this proposal should be rejected in full.

Bournda Lagoon

Bournda Lagoon

1. Both Bournda Lagoon and Sandy Beach Creek are located inside the Bournda National Park, a place the NSW Government itself describes as a “Natural Playground”. This is no place for a Commercial fishing operations, it is a sanctuary to a large range of Flora and Fauna, protected for all citizens of Australia to enjoy and be managed in a sustainable fashion. More than Ten threatened species call the park home including Koalas, Long-Nosed Potoroos, two threatened species of Frogs and more than 200 varieties of Birds. Currently the Lagoon is only accessible by walking track, any vehicle access that would be created for a commercial operation would be a blight on the landscape and require the destruction of the Lagoon’s surrounding environment and habitat of many of the parks fauna.

2. Bournda National Park is home to one of the largest Campgrounds on the Far South Coast of NSW, enjoyed by thousands of locals, visitors and school groups throughout the year. Tourism is a vital aspect of the economy of the Far South Coast and the Commercial fishing of Bournda Lagoon would gut the waterway of the fish many recreational fishers come to seek. It would also greatly impact on other Marine and Bird life that are viewed and enjoyed by all visitors. In the Christmas/Summer period the park is at capacity with tourists who come to relax, bushwalk, swim, fish and canoe. This influx of visitors provides a great boost to the local economy in a sustainable fashion that provides many jobs while protecting our shared natural heritage.

3. The two primary species of fish located in Bournda Lagoon, Southern Black Bream/Yellowfin Bream and the Estuary Perch are both long living native species of fish which are only sustainable when fished by recreational anglers who catch and release sexual mature fish. Both species are capable of living to over 30 years old and do not reach sexual maturity until the age of 5 or more in the Lagoon. A single season of commercial fishing could therefore wipe out the entire population. The proposal by the DPI and the Minister allows for the use of 300m wide nets, in NO part of the Lagoon or the Creek is there an area more than 300m wide, meaning that such a net would indiscriminately capture and kill all marine life. Bournda Lagoon is currently closed to the Ocean and has only briefly opened one time in the past 15 years. It is therefore impossible for the Lagoon to ever naturally restock if current residential breeding sized fish are netted.

4. Aboriginal people of the Dhurga language group of the Yuin tribe lived in the Bournda area. There is a continuous and unbroken connection to the land that has previous been recognised by the NSW State Government. Bournda National Park is home to 26 sacred sites a number of which are located directly adjacent to the Lagoon. These sites are so vital to protect that the NSW Government previously warned that “The coastal and estuarine sites are particularly vulnerable to disturbance by recreational use.” Yet now contend that a Commercial operation would have no impact. Further highlighting the absurdity of this proposal.

We the petitioners call on the Minister and the DPI to immediately scrap the proposal to allow for any type of Commercial fishing in Bournda Lagoon and Sandy Beach Creek, any other outcome is simply unacceptable to the community.



Call for a Moratorium on Government Income Management

Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney

Target: To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled
Region: Australia
Petition text
We the undersigned are opposed to the Federal Government’s Income Management system which quarantines between 50-70 per cent of Centrelink payments so they can only be used to buy ‘priority items’ at government approved stores.Income Management is bad social policy. The vulnerable in our community need improved social services, higher incomes and employment opportunities, not measures that control their lives and restrict their movements.Aboriginal communities living under the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention have experienced four years of hardship and humiliation as a result of Income Management. There is no convincing evidence that Income Management has improved outcomes for welfare recipients.

Income Management is a gross waste of funds. In both the NT and the new proposed ‘trial sites’, the estimated cost per recipient per year is more than $4500.

Income Management is discriminatory. The Prescribed Area People’s Alliance, representing communities across the NT have said, “The BasicsCard has disempowered us. It’s very racist. We are going backwards to the welfare days”. As the system expands across Australia, both Indigenous people and other already stigmatised groups will bear the burden.

Income Management unfairly disadvantages small businesses and co-operatives that do not have the resources to run the system or apply for a licence.

Your petitioners request that the Senate take action to ensure: A moratorium on the Federal Government’s Income Management system.

1. Immediate amnesty: Grant the right to immediate, unconditional exit from Income Management to the more than 15,000 people still on the system in the NT, along with Western Australia and Queensland.

2. No expansion: Abandon plans to expand Income Management into five new ‘trial sites’ across Australia – Bankstown, Rockhampton, Shepparton, Logan and Playford.

3. New opportunities: Redirect investment planned for the Income Management system to increase the income of welfare recipients, create employment opportunities and improve social services.

Don’t abandon Aboriginal homelands (Amnesty Campaign)

Aboriginal families are strongest when they can stay connected to their homelands – but right now the government is stripping funds for essential services from traditional Aboriginal homelands.

Homelands are communities established so that Aboriginal people can maintain connection with their traditional, ancestral land. These communities have lower levels of social problems and significantly better health outcomes, and are home to around a third of the Aboriginal population of the Northern Territory.

Joycie Jones Pitjara and driver in a four-wheel drive used to deliver health services to the remote Utopia homelands community. © Mervyn Bishop/AI

Sign the visual petition and tell the government: respect Aboriginal country and culture!

Each name is represented as an individual tile. The picture will be complete once Amnesty reach 10,000 names. Add yours now and ask the government not to abandon homelands. Amnesty will deliver your message directly to the Utopia community to show Australia’s support for homelands.

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