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#OccupyWallSt – Not the first, wont be the last!

As the protests grow larger by the day on Wall Street and news of nearly 1000 arrests in New York City emerges it is important to remember this is not a new movement.

Protests come and go, rent-a-crowd is a tactic that never works and as MPs have pointed out online petitions are often ignored. But Occupy Wall Street is more than any of those things. It goes back to the days of anti war protest, civil rights rallies and brings in people of all political persuasions, colours and creeds. Occupy Wall Street represents the 99% of the population who are victims to the greed of 1% who hold the vast majority of the wealth and seem unwilling to share it.

But the point I want to make is simple, this is not a rent a crowd, this is not a group of people who are there for a day and gone tomorrow. This movement has a history, even in popular culture, that gives it the grounding to survive for the entirety of the fight.

26th January 2000, Wall Street meets Rage Against the Machine.

While for years social commentators and comedians like Dave Chappelle, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Al Franken and many others have encouraged protest on Wall Street and fostered an idea that this is a long term problem that requires immediate action.

And the Movie you MUST see that explains the way Wall Street works, the global financial collapse and who is responsible.

We don’t know how this movement will end, what we do know is that until the issue of the expanding divide between rich and poor is redressed a movement on Wall Street is inevitable. Where it expands to is up to you!

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