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You haven’t heard of Geoffrey?

I was having a conversation with a relatively well informed political advisor when the topic of music came up. To my shock they hadn’t heard of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, which was odd given their position. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in text books, policy and our own little world and forget that even in the most serious of issues there are answers to be found in the arts and music.

Blind from birth, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is a powerhouse of musical creativity. Geoffrey, or Gudjuk as he is also called, is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnhemland. A former member of Yothu Yindi, now with Saltwater Band, Gurrumul’s solo excursions highlight his amazing talent as a singer, songwriter and musician. His beautiful voice will never leave you as he sings the songs of his Gumatj country

Mandela – Bring Him Back Home

The Movement to free Mandela and lift South Africa out of Apartheid, much like the Civil rights movement in the USA, had a great influence on Musician’s around the globe and inspired collaborations between Black and White. Not only was this music a show of solidarity, an echoing of the feelings of the repressed, but also a chance to show the beauty that is capable when Black and White come together.

Paul Simon worked with many South African artists to create his Album Graceland and performed Two concerts in HarareZimbabwe, in 1987, for a mixed crowd. Many of the audience were the exiled leadership group of the Anti-Apartheid movement.

Revolution – Save the Kimberley

Revolution – John Butler

John Butler performs Revolution at the Blockade against Woodside.

From the protest camp and blockade to save the Kimberley. James Price Point, Kimberley, West Australia. Music: John Butler. Video: Paul Bell (Feral Films).

Sunday Sessions – Support Local Talent

ZuluFlow, Milan, Mirrah & Rough Co – Sunday Sessions @ Tone July 17th – 7.30pm till late








GHC & ZuluFlow present a one off Sunday Session @ Tone 16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills, Sydney.

4 very diverse acts – all ready to delight you with their respective talents and array of skills.. Come on down if you enjoy live music of the highest order!

Jessica Mauboy’s new single is here!

Jessica Mauboy – Inescapable

Music video by Jessica Mauboy performing Inescapable.

(C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd.

Make Indigenous Poverty History

In 2009 the National Council of Churches set a target to eradicate poverty among Indigenous Australians by 2015.

At the heart of the campaign is that all Australians should have a shared responsibility for the profound disadvantage that affects many Aboriginals.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have a death rate three times higher than all Australians.

Whilst only 20% of caucasian Australians die before 65, 70% of Indigenous people do. And on every key indicator, such as education, Aboriginals are far behind other groups.

The campaign recognises that money isn’t the only barrier to the problem. It’s a story of cultural dispossession, lost languages, and a lack of respect in mainstream Australia. It’s for that reason that the campaign is based on the principle that all Australians have to take a stand. It isn’t simply a problem for the government. All Australians must feel responsible for this travesty.

Follow the work here, see what you can do and demand more from our leaders!


Rage – ABC1 – Saturday 9th July – Check local guides for time.

Celebrated indigenous Australian film maker Warwick Thornton Presents NAIDOC Week on rage, playing a great mix of influential indigenous artists including Coloured Stone, Frank Yamma, No Fixed Address, Warumpi Band, Gurrumul, Jagged and many more.

Let Warwick regale you with tales of his work behind the camera and indulge you with a host of previously unaired indigenous video music clips, some of which he himself has directed. Join in the celebration of culture and music all night long!
New releases shown include:

WHITEHOUSE – The PMs Gonna Save Us
STIFF GINS – Yandool
PRINCE NIA AND THE SLAVES – Nunga, Koori And A Murri Love
COLOURED STONE – Dancing In The Moonlight
JAGGED – Mistaken
BLACK ARM BAND – Our Home, Our Land
HUMANNSHURG KIDS – Ngwala Imbut Jika (Leave Grog Alone)
LEONA KAKIMA featuring TERRA SPHERE – Experience
FRANK YAMMA – Dreaming For You
DAVID PAGE – Which Way
WARUMPI BAND – Waru (Fire)
AMUNDA – Roll On The Wind
AMUNDA – How Could I Know
CASSO & REGGAE DAVE – Love Is The Only Drug
BUDDY KNOX – Squeaky Chair Blues

IndigenousX – Kev Carmody

Aussie star – Israel Cruz

New Single – Party up!


Mirrah is of Indonesian/ African America decent / Australian Citizen
Mirrah shares it with you colorfully , having an array of sounds which match her cultural background. “We as a people can unite for a positive change, it takes communication to learn from each other.”

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