Vote Yes Film – And You Can Be Apart of It

VOTE YES is a short film that hopes to contribute to the conversation about equality in Australia.

The Story

“It’s May 27, 1967 – Australia’s referendum on Aboriginal rights. Two women unite as a family come to terms with the prospect of change.

VOTE YES is a story that follows a family as they prepare to head to the polls. The power plays between black and white, male and female, are confronted as Susan and Elizabeth seek to go vote, in a family where Howard (father, husband and employer) literally holds the keys to opportunity and change. 

About the Film

VOTE YES is a short film by emerging writer/director Nick Waterman.

This ambitious and culturally significant project requires a further $20,000 to help complete the production of what is to be an important and politically powerful short film.

During 2014, VOTE YES will be screened by RECOGNISE to create awareness and support for the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This will include a special RECOGNISE media event, educational presentations at universities and schools, and worldwide film festival screenings.”

And from as little as $10 or as much as $5000 you can be part of making this film a reality, join the ever popular crowd funding movement and join in taking Australia another step toward equality

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