Statement from Minister Bob Carr in relation to the matter of Prisoner X, Mr Ben Zygier, with some answers to the questions previously raised in this blog.

Thoughtlines with Bob Carr

The report examines:

• DFAT’s knowledge of Mr Zygier’s detention and death; and how and when that information was received;
• Government handling of consular aspects of this case; and
• lessons learned and recommendations for future improvement in consular services.

The report also raises questions regarding the nature of Australian consular responsibilities for dual nationals, and the use of Australian passports by dual nationals working for the government of their other country of nationality.

Consular support

1. the individual’s legal rights would be respected and,
2. he had legal representation of his own choosing;
3. the individual’s family members had been notified of his arrest and detention; and
4. he was not being mistreated.

The report finds:

• Mr Zygier was granted regular access to a lawyer and more than 50 visits by family members, while in detention in 2010.
• There was no request from Mr Zygier, his…

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