Marlon Noble – 10 years for being an Aboriginal with a Disability. Who Are The Real Heroes?

For those who have followed this blog from the beginning you will know the name Marlon Noble, you will know he served 10 years in a WA prison for a crime he did not commit. You will know he never faced trial, that is suffers a disability and despite being released still lives under effective 24 hour surveillance.

This is his story – 

Now that you have watched this, think about the last few days of your life and the things that made you angry, happy, sad or emotional. Think of the sporting “heroes” you praised in victory or called courageous in defeat. Those sporting stars who despite the outcome will return to fancy homes and cars, six figure salaries and your undying attention the next time they perform. Maybe you praised your sports hero to your friend after winning, maybe you defended them on social media after they lost. But how much time did you spend standing up for Marlon Noble or the millions like him around the world and the many who live just a stones throw away from you. Marlon’s story is that of a life ripped apart, imprisoned without charge for 10 long years. And yet despite his struggle he still has a smile on his face, tell me now… who is the hero?

Next time you use that word think carefully, because I just might be the person asking what you have done to ensure that the real heroes like Marlon suffer no more!

Thank you to the Human Rights Commission for their constant fight for justice and equality and please take the time to view more films on everyday heroes with a disability who deserve the praise we heap onto those who simply play a sport.

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