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Letters For Ranjini

A pregnant mother of 2, imprisoned indefinitely in Australia’s immigration detention system.

“Ranjini was found to be a genuine refugee before ASIO decided last week she is a security risk for Australia. But the government won’t tell her why, and now she’s facing a life in detention.”


As a result, she has been separated from her husband and locked up in the Villawood detention centre with her children. Current law says that she has no right to be told why she is considered a threat, making it nearly impossible for her lawyers to mount a defence.  Ranjini faces indefinite detention at the hands of the Australian government.

This page was built to send letters of support to Ranjini, and to demonstrate that Australian citizens do not support anyone being locked up indefinitely without ever having committed a crime.

Please visit – for more information and for a legal explanation.

Follow – @Ranjiniletters


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