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Statement, plus letter from Troy Davis (extract)

Statement by Martin Hodgson – Anti Death Penalty Coordinator, Foreign Prisoner Support Service.

The Murder of Troy Davis –  

Please do not publish without prior consent and I insist on accurate reporting of this matter.

At 1.08pm AEST Troy Anthony Davis was executed by the state of Georgia, USA, for a crime he did not commit.

Abolish now! - Martin Hodgson

Despite all the facts in the case, 7/9 witnesses retracting their testimony, no DNA or physical evidence and countless irregularities in the case the State of Georgia went ahead with what will be marked on Troy’s death certificate as a “homicide”. He was an innocent man who the justice system failed and he maintained that innocence until his death.

Troy had the support of millions of people around the World and in the United States, he had the support of President Jimmy Carter, Fmr FBI Director William Sessions, The Pope, Archbishop Tutu, as well as countless Human rights groups, Celebrities and everyday people.

Troy Davis fought not just for himself, but for those he knew would follow him to the death chamber. He did not want anyone to experience what he has been through and so in his name we continue our fight against the Death Penalty. One of the drugs used to kill Troy was Pentobarbital and I urge all nations to prevent the sale of the drug to any country that would use it in the machinery of death. Today a company profited a large sum of money for the supply of chemicals to kill an innocent man, this must stop.

I urge Australia to continue to oppose the Death Penalty in all cases and to encourage our friends in the International community to abolish its use. We have an International obligation under the second optional protocol (ICCPR) and our media must also shine a light on this barbaric relic of the dark ages.

Troy Davis was an innocent man, with courage, conviction and faith that his story would be told and that capital punishment will end. But Troy Davis was not an issue, not a hashtag on twitter or an evening headline. He was a human being, with real fears, with real dreams and with supreme courage. So as I say “I am Troy Davis” I invite Australians to read a small extract from a letter I received from Troy and know the connection he felt with us.

“When I receive your letters I think of my Sister Martina and feel blessed that her message to save my life has reached around the world. Your shared name reminds me how small this world is and I am marveled that people in Australia know my story. I never dreamed I would be speaking to someone from your country but I know the people are so nice. I hope one day we can share your warm sun together and I have the opportunity to thank all those who have supported me. I cannot hear your voice or see your face but I know we share the human spirit.”

I am Troy Davis!

Martin Hodgson – Anti Death Penalty Coordinator, Foreign Prisoner Support Service.

Bega, NSW. Australia. 0402652047



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