Don’t abandon Aboriginal homelands (Amnesty Campaign)

Aboriginal families are strongest when they can stay connected to their homelands – but right now the government is stripping funds for essential services from traditional Aboriginal homelands.

Homelands are communities established so that Aboriginal people can maintain connection with their traditional, ancestral land. These communities have lower levels of social problems and significantly better health outcomes, and are home to around a third of the Aboriginal population of the Northern Territory.

Joycie Jones Pitjara and driver in a four-wheel drive used to deliver health services to the remote Utopia homelands community. © Mervyn Bishop/AI

Sign the visual petition and tell the government: respect Aboriginal country and culture!

Each name is represented as an individual tile. The picture will be complete once Amnesty reach 10,000 names. Add yours now and ask the government not to abandon homelands. Amnesty will deliver your message directly to the Utopia community to show Australia’s support for homelands.

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