Australia’s amazing African dance group

As we celebrate Mandela Day and our very own Africa week it is important not only to explore the political and social links Australia shares with Africa but also the contribution to enriching Australia’s culture that African Australian’s have made and continue to make. SAEA Banyana is one such incredbile contribution to the society we share. The arts have a history of breaking down barriers around the globe and dance provides a fun and yet empowering way to learn and participate in this amazing African experience. At a time when we are examining the history of Apartheid in South Africa could there be a better way to see the illogical nature of racism than to experience SAEA Banyana. The Passion, the energy, the culture and the sheer beauty of Australian women empowering us all!

The Flavour, Passion, Beauty and Magic of Africa


The girls of SAEA BANYANA boast women that are creative’s, professionals, proprietors and mothers.  Through their performances they encourage women to be strong, independent and unafraid of their inner power.

So you think you can dance? SAEA Banyana can!

The group have had the pleasure of not only performing for eager audiences around Sydney but have also been asked to participate in community enriching events and programs such as ‘Refugee week’, ‘Women Empower Women International Conference’ and ‘Olive Tree Women’s Network’ It is extremely important to the group that they continue to support such organisations that strengthen our community.  SAEA BANYANA are proud to say that their group not only entertains but also promotes cultural awareness, women empowerment, youth empowerment and physical motivation.



SAEA stands for South Africa, Ethiopia and Angola the beautiful countries that our girls represent.  Banayana from Nguni meaning the girls.

This wonderful dance ensemble brings to you the flavours of Africa.  Captivating dance moves, amazing costumes and stage presence the wonderful SAEA BANYANA wow audiences with each performance.  With Australias favourite Choreographer Tiana Cantebury (So you think you can Dance) heading the group, there is nothing that compares to this newest Afro sensation.


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