A Universal Declaration!

Following the brutality of the second World War, the violence, rape, genocide and destruction across the globe. International efforts were made to bring about a worldwide minimum for what all human beings were entitled to. The previous international charters and instruments had been too broad and not given much in the way of Individual protections.

All have rights!

In 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, designed to enshrine forever more the basic rights all human beings are born with and cannot be taken away. While not designed to be a legal document the UDHR makes up part of what is known as customary International law. But more than six decades have passed and very few countries today live up to the promises of the declaration, many people do not know their rights and for the most part the abuse of these rights goes unpunished.

We must recommence an International dialogue on what these minimum standards are and how we must uphold them. Past generations went through great hardship and then great courage to draft these documents, we must honour the past, the present and the future by learning them, implementing them and enforcing them for the betterment and benefit of all.

Learn it, Do it, Teach it!


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