Miners cry wolf!

Yesterday 1deadynation.com spoke about rich men crying foul at the newly introduced Carbon Tax. These Billion dollar companies and their Million dollar owners having been denouncing the Carbon policy as doom and gloom, the end of the economy and force them to take their jobs offshore.

Yet today we read not only are the mining companies not going to cut jobs, not go out of business and not have the sky fall down in their heads. They are now complaining about a lack of workers.

“MINERS might be deeply unimpressed with the Federal Government’s carbon tax plans, but they have an even more immediate problem to address – rapidly growing labour shortages.

Queensland’s mining sector is expected to create 140,000 jobs in the next two years, according to the latest quarterly assessment of the job market by recruitment firm Hudson.” News.com.au

Let's not cry for the rich!

So let us not shed another tear for the Billionaire’s who are finally paying for the pollution they cause. They will be compensated as part of the Carbon Tax policy (they shouldn’t be), corporate welfare is the theft of tax payers dollars. The jobs aren’t going to be lost and the economy isn’t collapsing. In fact by their own admission they have so much work on offer they can’t find enough people to fill the jobs.

They don't want to pay a cent to do this?

Why are so many Australian’s angry about a tax that targets the richest companies who pump out the most pollution? They wont be there for you when your children are sick or need their university fees paid for. They wont support you to pay your mortgage when times are tight and they don’t do a thing for the most vulnerable in our society. So why do so many Australian’s who will be better off under this scheme cry for the rich polluters?

Do you know you’ve been had?

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