Carbon Pricing – The Rich Cry Loudest!

The hard life of the rich

After years of debate, false starts, change of Prime Ministers & Opposition leaders and now, we finally have a price per tonne of carbon emissions. $23! And the only ones that will pay it are the big polluters. Now, of course they will pass the cost on to the average consumer, a Billionaire or a Billion dollar company couldn’t possibly pay that cost on their own. So the government will compensate the majority of Australian’s. Odds are you wont be worse off, but the environment will be better off. Maybe only by a small amount, but it is a move in the right direction. And even more importantly it finally encourages innovation in our economy.

No longer can we rely on just digging holes in the ground, we have to be the SMART country again. We can create products and services that are not just useful to us, but the world. The new world economy of sustainability is here to stay, let’s get smart and be world leaders. Create new income and sustainable jobs!

But of course the rich are crying foul. It can be tough being a millionaire and they just refuse to let their wrinkled old hands off any last dollar. Their cry for you is a cynical one, if they were genuine they would pony up and pay the price themselves and not pass it on, Take a small hit in their pocket and be grateful for the huge amounts of money they have made digging up OUR resources and polluting OUR skies. But of course being rich just ain’t that easy and they have their hand out like everyone else…, enough is just never enough for some people!

Their hand is out only for food

But think about this, the majority of people in this world wish their biggest problem was a small increase in their power bill. Their hand is out only for some food and water. They don’t complain and they will die tonight one by one while you watch your TV, listen to your Ipod or sip that slightly too dry Chardonnay.

You want something to complain about? Try a little harder, because a climate price just isn’t it!

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