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Another important apology!

Stolen generation man wins compensation

Almost everything Neville Austin has ever wanted is contained in a one-page letter he received this week from the Victorian government.

Mr Austin, 47, who was separated from his mother in 1964, is the first victim of the stolen generation in Victoria to gain compensation.

His settlement includes an undisclosed amount of money, but it is the state’s written expression of “true apology and deep regret” that means the most.

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Disturbingly there is the usual racist comments made, particularly on some news agency websites, that go un-moderated or are posted on moderated blogs and new sites. In 2011 it is unacceptable that major news agencies allow their websites to be the place of racism, intolerance and hate. The fact that some are unable to disagree with a position without resorting to purely racist rants puts into serious question the validity of both the argument being made and the forum in which racism is allowed to flow so freely.

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