No Solution in Malaysia

The idea that there is a solution to Australia’s migration issues to be found in Malaysia is simply a lie.

Just how absurd the Government’s “Malaysian Solution” is was highlighted today when both houses of parliament voted the policy down. And while this holds no actual binding obligation on the current Government it does show any move to introduce such a policy would be undemocratic at the least.

As for the humanity of it all…

… it’s inhumane and illegal. The fact that any human being has the right to seek asylum in any nation is a universal fact and a binding law on any nation that is a party to the UN refugee convention. Australia is, Malaysia is not. The convention also affords refugees the rights to proper housing, does the above picture look like a home you would accept for anyone you know?

The reality is Australian shores see the arrival of very few refugees in the global context, many European nations such as Italy see the arrival of 10 times the number, yet manage to handle the issue (if not well) to a much higher standard than Australia. We have allowed an issue of Human rights to become a political football. Such a vast, wealthy nation, should be able to handle the arrival of a few thousand people a year in a much more respectable, humane and orderly fashion. But for political point scoring only, we are treating our fellow human beings worse than animals. This is unacceptable!

The immigration Minister recently confirmed that unaccompanied minors would be sent to Malaysia under the planned deal. We know that young women are sold into sexual slavery in Malaysia, many of them refugees. Is it ok for our government to send a young girl to Malaysia knowing this? Of course it isn’t.

Contact your local MP, voice your concern and demand justice. They work for us.

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