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A night we were 1 Deadly Nation!

Tell me you don’t get tingles…

One day? Everyday!

The International day for the elimination of Violence Against Women is the 25th November. White Ribbon Day. But in this fight against violence against women we must be active everyday. To swear as men never to commit an act of violence, never to condone an act of violence and to speak out against violence against women!

White Ribbon Foundation.

In Australia, one in three women will be assaulted or abused in her lifetime. These women are our mothers, our girlfriends, our wives, our daughters, our colleagues and our friends. How have we allowed this to occur?

Not only is it unacceptable for this violence to take place, it is unacceptable that we allow certain behaviours and attitudes to go unchallenged.

The Air up there

For every LeBron James making tens of millions of dollars there are thousands of guys and girls around the world who had hoop dreams. Taurian J. Fontenette is one such man, he never made it to the NBA, he will never be a multi millionaire, but he has a talent for putting on highlight reel dunks wherever he plays. We celebrate all talent, not just the millionaires.

Indian Scam target Aboriginal communities

A resident of Broome, Western Australia, has accidentally uncovered a scam operating out of India which has been fleecing hundreds of dollars from local Aboriginals in the north of the state.


Please be aware that at this stage we do not know if the scam has extended outside of rural areas, particularly in WA. But that if you get a call from someone reporting to be from Centrelink or any other government agency asking for you to deposit money into an account then you need to ring Centrelink straight away or speak with the people who normally assist you with any welfare or government payments.

We will attempt to find out more details and bring the updates as they come. Make sure you remind your family members of this issue. Don’t panic, just be aware 🙂

Same Same.

When you see this…

And remember this…

It’s time for this…

Trust us America the only one nation you want to support is the deadly one. A movement of unity and celebration of our differences. Not these two supporters of racism, intolerance and lets face it, stupidity!

This is why we at 1 Deadly Nation exist. To take back the idea that a single nation can be and is built on what binds us together, not attempts to tear us apart. Many politicians yell fire in a crowded theatre and in the ensuing chaos advocate for a racist and intolerant platform to divide us all. What we need is to maintain the strength to work together, to take pride in our differences and understand we are all the same. So if the fire comes, we face it together!

In 1961, a courageous band of some 400 civil rights activists—black and white, young and old, male and female, Northern and Southern—risked their lives by deliberately violating Jim Crow laws and traveling together on buses as they journeyed through the Deep South. Greeted by mob violence and bitter racism along the way, many endured savage beatings and even imprisonment. They called themselves the Freedom Riders, and they managed to bring the president and the entire American public face to face with the challenge of correcting civil rights inequities that plagued the nation.

Watch it here – http://video.pbs.org/video/1925571160

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