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You don’t have to go offshore to find hot talent! Checkout PRINNIE’s new single LION and when you’ve listened to it and loved it you can buy it on iTunes. We have the deadliest talent on the planet, but we have to support it!


Where is the coverage?

It took a New Zealand newspaper to give coverage of a Native title claim in Australia. Lake Eyre is a scared site to local indigenous people and fear for it’s ecosystem as human impact increases. “For us, it’s a sacred place. It’s like Uluru [Ayers Rock],” says Aaron Stuart, chairman of the Arabunna’s native title claim.

For more:- The New Zealand Herald

Another important issue regarding Indigenous affairs and given zero coverage in Australia. And we wonder why there isn’t an educated debate about these issues. Report the news, not the gossip!

Nuclear Dump

The Australian Greens say draft laws which will allow a nuclear waste dump to be created on a property in the Northern Territory are “radioactive racism”.


The Deadliest band of them all!

Warumpi Band

Inside Job

If you haven’t yet, then you must see, the documentary film about the global financial crisis – Inside Job. The movie primarily focuses on the US collapse and white collar crime on Wall St. But the crash in the US had ripple effects right across the globe and as always it was the poor who suffered the most.


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