Pauline…, please explain!!!!

Pauline Hanson was convinced she would be easily elected to the Upper House of the NSW Parliament. So when that didn’t happen of course something but have gone wrong. How could the good people of NSW not elected her to parliament, so thought Pauline.

This must have been a huge conspiracy, so off she marched to the courts, lawyer in tow, to have the result rectified. With the add of her legal team she was to unleash a smoking gun, a man who would reveal a conspiracy inside the electoral commission designed to bin votes for Pauline. They turned up to the Supreme court of NSW ready to unleash fury, justice, truth and their smoking gun witness would reveal all.

But he never showed up! Hanson had never met the man, nor had her lawyers. They hadn’t debriefed him and they hadn’t checked their facts. The man had invented the whole thing and Pauline and her legal team and run one of the more embarrassing cases to ever appear before the Supreme Court. You would think when challenging the very democratic system that runs a country you’d have met face to face with your one and only witness. But alas that was too much for Pauline and just like her political campaign, her court case with be stamped the same way. “FAIL”.

So we ask this question. Why should Pauline Hanson be allowed to run again? The answer, because even in democracy somebody with absolutely no clue, stark ravingly mad ideas and some pretty hate filled rhetoric can play the game. The real question is, how does someone whose whole political career has been a train wreck honestly think this is good for the country she claims to love so much. A country don’t forget she was ready to leave recently for the UK. Shouldn’t this circus act be put to rest, doesn’t she love her country enough to realise enough is enough and why should taxpayers foot the bill for another foolish campaign and the following legal strife.

Pauline… please explain?!?!?!

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